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The grand event of Zhongshenglong Exhibition...

The grand event of Zhongshenglong Exhibition...

In May 2020, the second phase of HDI project infrastructure started one year ahead of schedule

With the smooth implementation of the first phase of the Ganzhou plant exceeding expectations, the second phase of the high- and multi-layer, soft-hard combination and HDI project was launched one year ahead of schedule, and is expected to be put into operation in December 2020.

In August 2017, Ganzhou plant expanded its second production capacity of 50,000 square meters

In July, the Ganzhou plant received orders close to 50,000 square meters of existing equipment production capacity, and the second set of 50,000 square meters of equipment officially began to be ordered or installed and commissioned, and it is expected to be officially put into operation in March 2018.

In January 2017, the Ganzhou plant officially obtained the ISO/TS16949:2009 certificate and obtained the pass to enter the automotive electronics field.

The TS16949 standard is the quality standard of the automobile industry and the permit for enterprises to enter the automobile supporting industry.

From July 28th to 30th, 2017, the establishment ceremony of Ganzhou factory was grandly held

At 8 o'clock in the morning on the 28th, more than 100 representatives of customers and suppliers, more than 40 representatives of local governments, financial institutions, industry associations, and friendly colleagues were invited to the Ganzhou factory and walked into the venue with the welcome of the majority of employees. Participated in the establishment of the Ganzhou factory.

On January 17, 2016, the one-week 2015 Group Basketball League ended successfully.

There are 4 men's and women's basketball teams from the group headquarters, Shenzhen PCB Division, Ganzhou PCB Division, and Ganzhou Aluminum Substrate Division. There are 4 male and female basketball teams in total. Using Friday’s working hours and Saturday and Sunday’s two days of rest, There was a fierce competition in the court of Ganzhou Industrial Park. Finally, the Shenzhen headquarters, the PCB division of Ganzhou and the PCB division of Shenzhen won the men’s championship, second and third runner-up, and the aluminum substrate division of Ganzhou, the PCB division of Shenzhen and the PCB division of Ganzhou won the women’s division. Group champion, second and third place. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon on January 17, the first and two women’s teams were in the final against Ganzhou Aluminum Substrate Division and Shenzhen PCB Division. After the start of the game, the team members united and worked hard. The two sides pressed for each other step by step. The results of the competition were several times. It remained flat until after two thrilling overtime matches, the Ganzhou Aluminum Substrate Division narrowly won by 2 points and became the champion of the women's basketball league.    On the evening of January 17, it was a duel between the first and two men's teams. Shenzhen Headquarters and Ganzhou PCB Business Department are chasing after me. The scores have surpassed each other several times. The audience shouted and cheered one after another. The scene was full of enthusiasm and thrilling. In the end, the Shenzhen Headquarters won the championship with a score of 51:43.    The annual basketball tournament is aimed at enriching employees’ amateur cultural life, enhancing cultural exchanges among employees in the three factories, enhancing employees’ sense of collective honor, and enhancing corporate cohesion. The teams lived up to expectations and worked hard, the style and level of the competition were out of the competition, and the spirit of the Zhongshenglong people was out of the competition!  

On January 7, 2016, the 3rd Supplier Conference of 2015 was successfully held.

At 2 pm on January 6, 2016, the third supplier conference of Zhongshenglong Electronics was grandly held.    The meeting invited 92 cooperative suppliers, more than 100 cooperative enterprise chairman, general manager and other senior executives to participate. The theme of this conference is "Hand in hand and seek common development." Suppliers are an important node in the entire industry chain. In the current increasingly fierce market competition, the competition between enterprises is no longer a single fight, but a competition between the supply chain and the supply chain. How to form with excellent cooperative suppliers A community of interests, forming a strategic cooperative alliance, and facing fierce market competition together are the core tasks of Zhongshenglong's supply chain management. The main purpose of this meeting is to convey Zhongshenglong’s company philosophy, vision, future development direction, market and product technical planning positioning, quality and service requirements, and supply chain management strategies, face-to-face communication with suppliers, and listen to the voice of the other party. Enhance mutual understanding and provide a platform for subsequent improvement and closer cooperation.   Establish a scientific and reasonable supplier rating system, conduct orderly and scientific management and guidance of suppliers, form a "survival of the fittest" mechanism, and create a fair, just, open, transparent and open competition environment. Encourage suppliers to make innovative proposals to create value for the entire industry chain. Cooperate with scientific and smooth processes, and finally realize the docking with supplier SRM and customer information system CRM, build efficient and transparent information transmission channels and communication mechanisms, and create an agile supply chain.   In the 2015 meeting, awards were given to suppliers who made outstanding contributions and outstanding performance. In this supplier conference, a total of 12 awards were awarded, including 10 excellent supplier awards and 2 strategic supplier awards.    Chairman Wang of the company attended the meeting and made an important speech, thanking the suppliers and partners for their continued support. Chairman Wang especially emphasized the management philosophy of quality first. Quality is the lifeblood of an enterprise, so the quality of supply is of the utmost importance. With the development of the company’s conglomerate, the current production capacity of the four business divisions has become saturated. The second phase of the Ganzhou production base has been planned in advance, and the procurement needs have expanded accordingly. The supply chain management has been strengthened to make up for historical debts and improve management execution Overdelivery is important and urgent. A sound financial strategy, compliance and maintenance of the "spirit of contract" provide a solid backing for the company's long-term development. We hope to adhere to the concepts of honesty, innovation, pragmatism and cooperation with all partners, and achieve long-term win-win development through the joint efforts of both parties!    Supplier representatives have actively spoken, expressing gratitude to Zhongshenglong Group, and at the same time expressing that they will continue to work hard, see the best, form a benign competition where you catch up with me, keep up with Zhongshenglong's pace, and create value for customers. The meeting ended successfully with warm applause.  

In January 2016, the monthly output of the Ganzhou factory exceeded 30,000 square meters, and the new factory started miraculously.

Good news came from the Ganzhou production base on the evening of December 31. The output of Ganzhou Industrial Park in December 2015 reached 30,496 square meters. The base executives collectively squatted in the finished product warehouse, watching the incoming data are constantly refreshed. When the off-duty bell rang and the final data in the database was fixed at 30496, their day and night hard work finally paid for heavy fruits.   In one year, the output exceeded 30,000 square meters, creating a miracle in the industry. It is mainly due to three aspects: 1. The Shenzhen production base has been recognized by a large number of loyal customers after years of operation and accumulation; 2. The Ganzhou base was designed at the beginning of the equipment to be highly automated, so that the output, quality, and delivery are not satisfactory. Constrained by the number and quality of the people to be controlled; 3. The Ganzhou base has attracted a large number of management and technical elites with both ability and political integrity in the industry and a large number of outstanding production workers. This is the key factor for the success of the Ganzhou base!

On December 23, 2015, the company won the 2015 "Excellent Supplier" award from Skyworth Group.

On December 22, 2015, the Skyworth Group Global Supplier Conference was held at the Skyworth headquarters. Zhongshenglong Group won the "2015 Best Supplier" award. Zhang Xia's marketing director attended the conference and received the award on behalf of the company.    Nearly 100 strategic suppliers including Zhongshenglong attended this conference. Zhongshenglong won another award for its zero-defect quality and 100% on-time delivery. The continuous outstanding performance of Zhongshenglong PCB makes Skyworth confident in further expanding the scope of cooperation. The leaders of Skyworth Group emphasized in the award ceremony that Zhongshenglong has provided Skyworth Group with the best support in all aspects during the 6 years of cooperation with it. Not only has it achieved an incredible zero defect rate and 100% punctual delivery rate, but also It has always performed well in cooperating with Skyworth Group's cost reduction and fast delivery in order to seize the market. It is a model of Skyworth Group's supply chain.    This award is not only a new milestone in the cooperation between Zhongshenglong and Skyworth Group, but also in full compliance with the major customer strategy of Zhongshenglong's Ganzhou manufacturing base. It will surely create a new situation of close cooperation between the two companies.  

On December 12, 2015, the headquarters of Zhongshenglong Electronics Group was established.

In order to enable the Ganzhou production base to achieve full-load production as soon as possible after it is put into production, the group has delegated its operating rights so that it can organize and mobilize various resources such as human, financial, and material more efficiently to achieve production goals as soon as possible. With the smooth production and operation of the Ganzhou base, the business units within the group operate independently, and the contradictions of the self-contained system have become increasingly prominent. For example, in the market, large customers’ prototypes, small and medium batches, and special board orders are not suitable for production at the Ganzhou base. Bulk orders and low unit price orders are not suitable for the needs of the Shenzhen base. In the face of such contradictions, it is necessary to establish a market headquarters, allocate orders reasonably, give full play to the advantages of each business unit, while reducing procurement costs for customers and shortening the delivery cycle; in terms of procurement, the procurement of various business units is scattered, resulting in a bloated procurement organization Overlapping positions is also not conducive to the centralized production and delivery of suppliers; there are also human resources, engineering, technology, R&D, finance and other aspects of power either scattered or overlapping, etc., if not resolved as soon as possible, it will seriously affect the overall effect of the group Play.    On December 12, the company's board of directors held a meeting to formally establish the headquarters of Zhongshenglong Electronics Group, located in the center of Songgang Street near the Shenzhen manufacturing base. Under the jurisdiction of the Zhongshenglong Manufacturing Base in Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province and the Shenzhen Manufacturing Base, it uses various cross-regional resources to establish a group industry platform, making use of engineering technology and R&D centers, human resources centers, administrative management centers, marketing and The role of order distribution center, procurement material control center, quality center, financial center, audit center and information management center.   I believe that with the establishment of the group headquarters, Zhongshenglong Group will achieve faster, better and more stable development.


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