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China's integrated circuit industry is expected to overtake

Although from a global perspective, the growth rate of the integrated circuit industry has gradually slowed down, it is still a high-tech industry with huge space in China, and its investment enthusiasm will not cool down. This is the 2015 China China Conference held in Yanzhou on the 10th of this month. At the IC Industry Development Seminar and the 18th China IC Manufacturing Annual Conference, industry insiders have unanimous views. Some experts also pointed out optimistically that, based on the unique local market and the current innovation opportunities, China's integrated circuit industry is entirely possible to overtake corners.   A group of companies have emerged to lay a solid foundation    With the strong support of the country, a group of equipment and material companies such as China Micro Semiconductor, Beijing Kehua Micro, Keda Dingxin, and Shanghai Microelectronics have begun to emerge to lay a solid foundation for the development of the integrated circuit industry. The 300mm large silicon wafer project, which is the focus of development, is also expected to make up for the missing link in my country's integrated circuit industry chain. "From the perspective of the entire electronics industry chain, my country's integrated circuit industry has done a good job in the design, packaging and testing links, and the whole machine link has achieved the world's strongest; and now, the equipment manufacturing has also made great progress, only the level of integrated circuits. The silicon wafer industry foundation of China is still very weak, and the manufacturing of 12-inch chip-level silicon rods and substrates is currently the missing link in the domestic semiconductor value chain.” said Zhang Rujing, general manager of Shanghai Xinsheng Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. Zhang Rujing revealed that the current plan of Xinsheng Semiconductor’s 300mm large silicon wafer project is to build a production line with a monthly production capacity of 150,000 wafers by the fourth quarter of 2017. The goal is to become the flagship of China's integrated circuit materials industry and rank among the world's leading companies within ten years. Four or top three. "We have started to build a factory, and currently nine patents have been submitted for review, and there are more than 10 patents for cooperation with overseas; after all, the production capacity will reach 600,000 pieces, and the actual production capacity of the plant may reach 800,000 pieces. By then, domestic demand will be at least Up to 1 million pieces."   According to data, the current global demand for 12-inch silicon wafers is still growing, and it is expected that its market share will exceed 75% by 2020. At present, Japan's Shin-Etsu and Sumco have 67% of the global production capacity. Compared with my country, the total demand for 12-inch silicon wafers from 2014 to 2015 was about 510,000 to 670,000 wafers per month, but the domestic production volume was zero.   In terms of listed companies, Shanghai Xinyang announced on May 22 last year that it had signed a "Large Silicon Wafer Project Cooperative Investment Agreement" with Xingsen Technology, Shanghai Xinao Technology and Zhang Rujing to jointly establish a joint venture company to invest in a 300mm large silicon wafer project. According to the announcement, the above-mentioned parties contributed 38%, 32%, 10%, and 20% respectively.    In addition to large 300mm silicon wafers, China Micro Semiconductor's etching machines have also entered many foundries such as SMIC and TSMC. Just in February of this year, the US Department of Commerce and the Bureau of Industrial Safety recommended that anisotropic plasma dry etching equipment be deleted from the "dual-use list" subject to export control. The reason is: "A company in China has Ability to supply etching machines of sufficient quantity and the same quality, continuing the current national security export control has not reached the goal." In response to this result, Yin Zhiyao, Chairman of China Micro Semiconductor, said: "China Micro Semiconductor has reached 30% to 30% per year in recent years. The rapid growth rate is 40% and will continue to maintain high growth in order to achieve the goal of reaching 5 billion yuan in annual sales and becoming an international semiconductor micro-processing equipment leader." In addition, Keda Dingxin’s “ultra-high-strength bond alloy wire for high-end packaging” has made this product localized; and Beijing Kehua Microelectronics’ photoresist has also entered SMIC, Huahong Grace, Silan Microelectronics, and Sanitary Ware. The scope of procurement by companies such as An Optoelectronics.    Industry insiders continue to be optimistic about the domestic market From the perspective of the evolution pattern of the global integrated circuit industry, since the downstream market is now concentrated in China, the integrated circuit industry will inevitably be concentrated in China; because th


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