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ZSL Electronic is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of various high-end double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards. It has a manufacturing base in Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province and a manufacturing base in Meizhou City, Guangdong Province. As the headquarters of the group company, using various resources across regions, it has established a group industry platform, playing a role of technology and R&D center, human resource center, administrative management center, marketing and order distribution center, purchasing material control center, and quality center. , Financial Center, Audit Center and Information Management Center.


The Meizhou manufacturing base was established in August 2007. Using traditional technology and equipment, the company gives full play to its advantages of short, flat and fast, focusing on differentiated markets, specializing in the production of various varieties, small batches, short delivery times and high difficulties , High value-added, special materials and other products with comparative advantages, have certain product characteristics and competitive advantages, and can fully meet the individual needs of customers.


The Jiangxi Ganzhou manufacturing base covers an area of ​​104005.2 m² . The first phase investment is RMB 250 million . The total investment is expected to be RMB 500 million . The total planned production capacity is 150,000 m² per month. using the most advanced manufacturing technology and highly automated equipment in the industry to minimize the manufacturing industry’s dependence on the number and quality of personnel, simplify production management, and at the same time make production efficiency and economic benefits maximize. This positioning is a disruptive change relative to traditional crafts and equipment in the industry. Our early market is positioned in DVB, LCD TV, high-end LED, network products, computer peripheral products and other consumer electronic boards with large demand to meet the huge demand for production capacity as soon as possible. Gradually we expand the proportion of high-end PCB boards such as automotive electronics, power supplies, communication equipment, industrial control, and medical products; the second phase is positioned on high-multilayer and HDI (high-density interconnect circuit)-based products based on the steady development of the first phase, and capacity design It is 50,000 square meters per month.


After the second phase of the project is finally completed, the scale of the group will be at the forefront of the industry, with varieties covering high, medium and low grades, large, medium and small batches, FR-4, high frequency, FPC, soft and hard combination and other materials, which will become The development center of the group business group.


Looking to the future, we will continue to adhere to the development strategy of leading technology, priority on scale, and one-stop service for various PCB supply, concentrate resources in advantageous areas, and strive to form greater competition in product quality, delivery, technology, price, service, etc. Advantages, create value for customers, and build Zhongshenglong into a world-class printed circuit board company with strong comprehensive strength and international competitiveness.




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