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Social responsibility


Zhongshenglong Group adheres to the principle of courtesy and good faith to ensure that the products are genuine at a fair price. Actively assume the responsibility of scientific development, take development as the center and take development as the prerequisite, continue to expand the scale of the enterprise, expand the tax share, complete the tax task, and make a great contribution to the development of the country.

In circuit board manufacturing, environmental protection is the top priority. Thoroughly implement the national environmental protection development concept, actively assume the environmental protection development responsibility of the enterprise, put the major premise of environmental protection on all production plans, and minimize the adverse impact on the community, the environment and natural resources. Various environmental protection measures are taken in product production, material consumption, product transportation and waste disposal, such as upgrading production technology, saving resources, and systematically recycling materials. Through the organization of environmental protection activities, training courses and promotion of "saving" (Reduce). "Reuse" (Reuse) and "Recycle" (Recycle) concepts, enhance employees' environmental awareness.

Human resources are the precious wealth of society and the supporting force for the development of enterprises. Zhongshenglong Group resolutely respects discipline and abides by the law, takes good care of the employees of the company, does a good job of labor protection, and continuously improves the wage level of workers while ensuring that wages are paid on time.



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