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The production base is located in the suburbs of Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, covering an area of ​​156 acres. The first phase investment is 180 million yuan, and the total investment is expected to be 550 million yuan. The company’s planned production capacity is 150,000 square meters per month, and the first-phase production capacity is 100,000 square meters per month. It adopts the most advanced manufacturing technology and highly automated equipment in the industry to minimize the dependence on the number and quality of personnel, while making production efficiency and economical Maximize benefits. This positioning is a disruptive change relative to the traditional crafts and equipment in the industry. The early market of the factory is positioned at DVB, OTT, LCD TV, high-end LED, network, security, computer peripherals and other consumer electronic boards in large demand, in order to meet the huge demand for production capacity as soon as possible. At present, it is gradually expanding the automotive electronics, power supply, Proportion of high-end PCB boards in communications equipment, industrial control, medical, military, etc. Based on the steady development of the first phase, the second phase of the project is positioned at high- and multi-layer boards, flexible and hard composite boards, and HDI products. The production capacity is designed to be 50,000 square meters per month. It is expected to be put into operation on a large scale in early 2022. The related SMT processing division is equipped with the new and most stable Yamaha SMT line on the market. Provide you with efficient and fast one-stop service.



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